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Female Personal Trainer

Ravenshead Nottingham

My name is Lucy, I am Personal Trainer in Ravenshead Nottingham at the Elite Fit Studio . I have more than 15 years experience in fitness as a personal trainer & fitness instructor. I am a very outgoing, friendly & a people person. I really enjoy helping people to achieve there goals & try to make sure every workout is the best. So if you are looking for that something special like a one to one personal training, a personalised fitness plan, a nutrition plan, custom workout videos or online personal training contact me now and find out what I have to offer you.


Tel                  07446 494935

You can train with me one to one or if you have a group of friends or workmates (max 4) why not have your own personal group session. Or if you live to far away you can still have me as your personal trainer contact me now for online training details. 


So if you are ready to get into the best shape of your life I can help you. Online or face to face with my support & motivation from plus hard work & dedication from you everything is possible.

Contact me now to find out more about my personal training, online fitness or fitness classes.


Tel                  07446 494935


Lucy Nottingham personal trainer

I have been coming to Lucy for five months now and I can’t thank her enough as I am in the best shape I’ve ever been. Lucy is such a lovely lady and so motivating. I would definitely recommend her classes as well as PT sessions always enjoyable!


I am training toward multiple disciplines and was constantly burning out and loosing motivation. Their advice and guidance has been invaluable. From selecting an appropriate workout program to overall energy management and diet guidelines I have found her advice spot on.
Lucys upbeat energy and encouragement are inspiring when things get tough


I have been with Lucy for a month now.

I felt the need to improve my fitness level and hopefully loose weight.

I have Personal one to one training with Lucy once or twice a week. She is lovely and very knowledgable. She seems to know so much! Most importantly though, she  manages to make it fun for me!

I would highly recommend Lucy's one to one training


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