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Elite Fit classes


Do you want to sculpt & look toned ?
Do you want to shred fat ?
And do you want to enjoy doing it ?
Then you want my to join me for one of my classes


With my DanceFit class you can now do just that.

With a wide variety of exercises,  this workout we targets your legs, bums & tums to build a strong & attractive core that you will love. This class goes beyond just a few dance steps, it targets your core muscles.

DanceFit is about strengthening your legs, shaping your bum and trimming down your waist. 

Join me for DanceFit every Tuesday morning 9.15-10
Elite Fit Studio
29 oakwood drive, Ravenshead, Ng15 9DP


Join my RunFit Workout you can now learn how to enjoy running, improve your times and reduce injuries.

Join me for this workout that is fun & challenging

Join me for RunFit every Wednesday
Elite Fit Studio
29 oakwood drive, Ravenshead, Ng15 9DP

Ladies BootCamp:If you want to shape & define your muscles while shredding fat then this is the workout for you. We use dumb bells, sand bags, slam balls & bodyweight exercises in this class to build your muscles which increases your metabolism which means you burn more fat. This is combined with targeted cardio mainly in the form of HIIT training especially Tabatas, these are tough but shred fat & increase your metabolic rate like no other workout. All this in a fun & friendly environment, as the classes are kept small you are guaranteed quality instruction from beginners to advanced levels.

Calf raises.jpg
Join me for Ladies Bootcamp every Thursday 9.15am-10.00am
Elite Fit Studio
29 oakwood drive, Ravenshead, Ng15 9DP
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