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Wellness Ravenshead

Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a relaxing & soothing massage, feel your tension wash away. My massages are purely for pleasure and relaxation, indulge yourself now.

Book your relaxation massage session now with me and enjoy the benefits of a soothing & relaxing massage.

This service is only available to my Personal Training clients

Book Now £20 for 30 minutes 


Come along and talk to us 1-1 about correct eating & nutrition. We will give you advice on the right type of activity to help with your weight loss goals.
We will not be selling you products or the standard low calorie, low carb/high carb, low fat/high fat or what ever weird and wonderful celeb diet is doing the rounds. We will help design an eating plan that is perfect for you.

We will help you build long lasting good eating habits combined with the correct exercises for you.

Book Now for £15 for 30 minute

Recovery Session

Your recovery session will be tailored to your needs. My recovery sessions aim to help you feel more relaxed & increase your sense of wellbeing through stretching, breathing & meditation.

Your recovery session will help you recover from the stress & strains of everyday life. Book your session now with me and start your recovery now for

Book now £15 for 30 minutes 

Relax & Stretch

Enjoy a relaxing & soothing massage, feel your tension wash away. Combine this with active & passive stretching & you will find your tight muscles ease and your wellbeing increase.

 Book Now with Lucy for £20 for 30 minute

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